How many of these 110 Collaborative Robots do you know?

The wait is over! Cobotics World is finally online! We worked a lot to collect all the information you can find on the website and to design our online magazine.
We collected more than 110 cobot model and we want to know how many of these models did you already know. Here the link to our cobot list:

Cobotics World Cobot List

But the best is yet to come. We are contacting all the collaborative robots suppliers in the list in order to expand the amount of information and documentation available on Cobotics World about each cobot model.
Moreover, on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts you will find a lot of cobot related content! Cobotics World was born from the idea of a team of cobotics expert and passionate engineers with the mission of realizing the definitive reference for collaborative robotics. But why automation should be treated differently from other arguments on the internet and on social networks? We are tired of the classic boring way people use to describe automation and we want to realize an online automation magazine that is different from the old template. You will tell us if you are good in doing this!

But why collaborative robotics? Collaborative robots are going to change the way people work in factories without replacing them. They are specifically designed to collaborate and interact with people while sharing a common workspace. Human operators and cobots together can achieve task and results that either of them could attain by itself. But there is more! Cobotics is also one of the automation markets with the fastest growing. According to Interact Analysis, 30% of robots sold in 2027 will be collaborative. Not a bad prediction, right? And by that time the revenues in cobotics are forecasted to reach $7.5bn.

So either if you work with cobots, if you program or sell collaborative robots as a job, if you own a manufacturing company or a factory and you are wishing to innovate by containing the investment, or if you simply are passionate about robotics and new technologies, Cobotics World is the website you were looking for.