Guess Who got Restyled – An Amazing Brand New Cobot from a Really Interesting Startup

Type “cobotics” on Google and thousands of articles will appear, explaining to you how much the market of collaborative robotics is growing and how much it will keep growing in the next years.
Almost every industrial robot supplier has released a collaborative version of its robotic arms and even if Universal Robots, Techman, Fanuc, ABB, Aubo and other few players are dominating this industry, a lot of startups are raising, proposing alternative versions of cobots, often characterized by specific features and low prices.

This was the case of Automata, a London’s startup, that starting from 2014 is working to launch the EVA cobotics arm. This robot is a “desktop” robotic arm characterized by ease of use and low-price. You can purchase one for around 5800 €.
Last week Automata raised a total of $9.5 million from a Series A funding led by Hummingbird Ventures and including also participation from Firstminute Capital, Hardware Club, LocalGlobe, ABB, and Entrepreneur First.

But Automata is not the only startup that is achieving amazing results in the collaborative robotics world. This week an other startup is going to present a brand new version of its cobot!

So with this post with gave you a hint! Can you guess who we are talking about? Stay tuned: soon on Cobotics World an amazing brand new cobot from a really interesting startup!

While you wait you can always check our always updated list of Cobots!