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The Collaborative Robotics’ Patent

A Cobot is an Apparatus and Method for Direct Physical Interaction Between a Person
and a General Purpose Manipulator Controlled by a Computer



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Cobotics World was born from the idea of a team of cobotics expert and passionate engineers with the mission of realising the definitive reference about collaborative robots. Our first job was to give you access to the most complete list of cobots you could find on the web, but this is just the beginning! We are working every day to make the amount of information you can find on CoboticsWorld.com as much as possible, and even beyond!

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There is no unique solution when you are designing a new industrial application with a Collaborative Robot. However together we can find a solution that perfectly suits your needsPeople all over the world are using Cobots for the most various usages, from classic machine tending and assembling industrial tasks, to preparing cows for milking in farms or harvesting cannabis crops.
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