What a terrific duo! A complete list of all the ROS-enabled cobots

What is ROS [1]? If you still have this question you should batten down the hatches as soon as possible. The Robot Operating System got very far in the last decade and it gained popularity within the robotics community. Born as a set of open-source libraries and tools for educational and research projects, the Willow Garage [2] creature has become the most used framework for building operating systems in robotics. Thousands of users joined the community and while its adoption continues to grow, ROS aims to become the new industry standard for robotics automation. According to ABI Research [3] the 55% of total commercial robot shipped in 2024 will have at least one ROS package installed.
What about cobotics and ROS? Collaborative robot manufacturers were not indifferent to the rise of the Robot Operating System and most of them started providing dedicated ROS interface for their cobots. Cobots are extremely versatile and flexible and empowered by the ROS libraries can become a unique platform for fast developing of robotics applications, both for industries and researchers. Here below the list of all the cobots with available ROS interfaces. While some companies have already developed proprietary libraries, others still rely on third-party packages but for sure they will not be late too long.

With the birth of the ROS Industrial consortium [4], the ROSin eu-funded project [5] and the awaited advent of ROS2 [6], the real-time second generation of ROS,  the topic became hot and the hashtag #goROS is going to be viral in the next years!

ABB IRB 14000
Acutronics Robotics Mara
Aubo I3
Aubo I5
Aubo I7
Aubo I10
Comau E.DO 4 axes
Comau E.DO 6 Axes
Denso Cobotta
Dobot Magician
Doosan robotics M0609
Doosan robotics M0617
Doosan robotics M1013
Doosan robotics M1509
Elephant Robotics Catbot S3
Elephant Robotics Panda 3
Elephant Robotics Panda 5
Elephant Robotics Elephant 5
F&P Personal Robotics Prob 2R 24V
F&P Personal Robotics Prob 2R 48V
Fanuc CR7IA
Fanuc CR7IAL
Fanuc CR35IA
Franka Emika Panda
Han’s Robot Elfin 3
Han’s Robot Elfin 5
Han’s Robot Elfin 5L
Han’s Robot Elfin 10
Han’s Robot Elfin 15
Jaka Zu 3
Jaka Zu 7
Jaka Zu 12
Kawada nextage
Kawasaki Duaro
Kawasaki Duaro 2
Kinova Gen3
Kinova Jaco2
Kinova Mico2
Neuromeka INDY RP
Neuromeka INDY RP2
Neuromeka INDY 12
Neuromeka INDY 3
Neuromeka INDY 5
Neuromeka INDY 7
Neuromeka INDY 10
Nyrio One
Techman TM5 700
PILZ Manipulator Module PRBT
Rethink Robotics Baxter
Rethink Robotics Sawyer
Rozum Robotics Pulse 75
Rozum Robotics Pulse 90
ST Robotics R12
Universal Robot UR3
Universal Robot UR5
Universal Robot UR10
Universal Robot UR3e
Universal Robot UR5e
Universal Robot UR10e

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[2] http://www.willowgarage.com/

[3] https://bit.ly/2HF9vlu

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[6] https://index.ros.org/doc/ros2/