Aluminium Castings with Compressed Air Operated Deburring Spindle2019-07-19T11:47:07+00:00

Project Description

Aluminium Castings with Compressed Air Operated Deburring Spindle

The company Georg Sahm GmbH based in Eschwege is, among other things, a manufacturer of aluminum cast parts. These have a burr at many different points after casting, which must be removed before attaching further components. Previously, this task was solved manually as follows: an employee manually removed the burr with an electronic milling spindle. The requirement is to automate the task.
In order to implement a flexible solution and to compensate for component tolerances, the company chose a Cobot from Universal Robots. The mechanical design was completely implemented by the customer Georg Sahm, also the selection of the deburring tool. In order to work as effectively as possible, two machining stations have been set up so that two parts can be machined consecutively. A Cobot type UR10 of the CB3 series was selected to ensure the range.
In order to adjust component tolerances, the electronic mortiser was equipped with a pneumatic deburring spindle from Schunk GmbH & Co. KG. This spindle is also mounted by compressed air. Depending on how high the pressure is set, the rotating tool is mounted harder or softer to compensate for the tolerances of the casting. The deburring spindle type FDB300 has a maximum compensation path in X and Y direction of +/;- 7. 5 mm.
A Sick S300 Advanced safety laser scanner is used for safe operation.
This safety system observe the area before the application and stops the application if someone enter the marked security area, so the observing of safety distances and the guidelines (DIN EN ISO 10218-1, ISO/TS 15066) can be guaranteed.
In addition to the implementation of the programming, selection, and delivery of the components, Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH also realized a feasibility test and created a sub-distribution which is connected to the security scanner for making the signal usable for the UR Cobot. The operating personnel was trained in the Willich training centre in order to be able to realize adjustments by themselves. The company Georg Sahm GmbH has realized the CE as well as the mechanical assembly.