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Project Description

Going beyond your Cobot‘s payload limits

As mentioned in this French article from industrie-techno.com, at the research center IRT Jules Verne in Nantes, France, they are currently developing a cobotic system capable of lifting some heavy parts of an Airbus airplane. But how can they lift more than 40 kilograms using a Universal Robots UR10e, a collaborative robot with a maximum payload of 10 Kg?
In 2017, Saunier Duval, a French company manufacturing heating systems, branch of the Vaillant group, asked IRT to help them designing a collaborative system capable of lifting heavy objects while working next to human operators in safety. That’s how the Cobot++ project started.
Working at this project the engineers from IRT Jules Verne realized a collaborative robotic system made of a Universal Robots UR10e, a gripper, a force sensor, and a passive lifting pneumatic arm, installing the first prototype at the Sauniver Duval factory. Sensors have also been added to make the robot perceive the presence of human operators and slow down when people are close to the robot: Cobot++ moves at an average speed of 500 mm/s and slows down to 250 mm/s when operators get close to it.
Always according to the industrie-techno.com article, Airbus now asked IRT for a more complex system capable of lifting more voluminous parts.